By Mona Sakr

Monaghan (2005; cited in Malcrida & Low, 2008)

Monaghan explores the possibility that spoiled body identities can be saved via online communities.

Identities are often spoiled through perceptions of the body. One common example is the de-valuing of identities associated with ‘fat’ bodies. But how are these bodies presented and performed in online spaces in order to save the identities with which they are associated? Forums and communities build up to celebrate these bodies. The virtual constructions of ‘fat’ bodies are fundamentally different to their constructions in the offline world.

‘the internet allows fleshy bodies to become more durable and valued cyborgs’ (p. 60)

‘the internet provides space for alternative definitions of… embodiment’ (p. 61).

Monaghan, L. F. (2005) Big Handsome Men, Bears and Others: Virtual Constructions of ‘Fat Male Embodiment’. In C. Malacrida & J. Low (Eds.) Sociology of the Body: A Reader (pp. 57 – 65). Ontario: Oxford University Press.